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The Big Wedding out now.


The wayward rom/com The Big Wedding is out now. Strong cast/weak movie. My review is over at ExBerliner now.

Slice and Dice – The Slasher Film Forever


Hallo! My review of the excellent horror film doc Slice and Dice – The Slasher Film Forever is over at Flickering Myth now. Get a pen and paper ready as you watch it for noting down stuff you may not have heard of!

Neuro Update – Alles Gute


Hallo all, just a quick update on my health matters.

I had an update with my neurologist yesterday to go over the findings of my diagnosis in the Krankenhaus last week. He reiterated the diagnosis of remitting/relapsing MS which we were all prepared for. Upon my return from holiday, he will be putting me on a clinical trial of a boswellia based treatment. This will involve monthly MRI scans and assessments on my health. It all sounds positive and certainly seems like the best option for me at the moment. The early indications from the majority of participants are good and, for me personally, it keeps me away from regular injections. . .

Best of health!

Diagnosis Made; Onwards and Upwards…


So, I got out of the Krankenhaus here in Berlin last Friday.

I was in the Charité for 3 nights; three very long days and very boring nights. Pretty tiring, as all hospital stays can be. Tiring and washed-out dull but not unduly distressing. There was quite a bit of staring out the window (see above).  The food was pretty reasonable as hospitals go – although my last meal was a small fruit pudding preceded by a large fruit pudding. The vege menu had clearly been exhausted…

I won’t bore you with all the details of all the tests I went under. I’ll just say that they were extremely thorough. I have had MRI scans before of course, and there were another two carried out here. There was also the not-as-bad-as-I-feared lumbar puncture (or in American, spinal tap) – 30 seconds of sharp pain and then no bruising, so fair enough.  It was also a good test of my (very poor) German…

Anyway, on Tuesday we went back to the hospital and saw the neurology team assigned to me. They confirmed what we all suspected they would, which was a diagnosis of remitting MS. I was prepared for this, as my last scan in England left the neurologist in no doubt.

What remains now is to figure out with my neurologist here the best course of treatment. I’m seeing the neuro on Montag for an appointment, so I’ll write again after that. My only thoughts on this have been wanting oral treatment such as a daily pill, as opposed to injections. keine Nadeln! keine Nadeln!

Do Elephants Pray?


My review of Do Elephants Pray? is over at Flickering Myth now…

Black Sabbath – remastered DVD out now


My review of the evergreen (ever black?) classic Black Sabbath is over at Flickering Myth now…

In das Krankenhaus


Time warp in a wire trap

Double image and stilted second tongues

Ich habe vergessen the number of times

I have tried to decide

Just how to prioritise

Fundamental methods of life


In das Krankenhaus

I try to recall without success

The meaning of health

And then a breath of pfeffer

And it is back in sight



The sun shines outside

And I want to play

The Four Just Men – out now on DVD


My review of half-baked patriotic Ealing Studios film out now on DVD is over at Flickering Myth now…

Blood – in selected UK Cinemas 31 May, DVD/Blu-ray 10 June…


Blood – UK dark psychological thriller – is out at the end of this month and is reviewed over at Flickering Myth… intense stuff!

Baron Blood – Out Now on DVD and Blu-ray


My review of Mario Bava’s flawed but effective 1972 horror Baron Blood is over at Flickering Myth …