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Temporal Fix is Here…

Temporal Fix is here

Face Flag

Face Flag



Temporal Fix

Temporal Fix Logo2

Temporal Fix is a lyrics and music project designed by myself and the sound artist Olaf Boqwist. Our first EP can be heard with these links. Keep up to date with our ongoing activities on Facebook…or just watch the skies…

Temporal Fix on Facebook

Temporal Fix on Soundcloud

Temporal Fix on Bandcamp

I Came Here to Rest …

I came here to rest

Meet the Family

Meet the Family




The door is open
Open is the door

Warm Hands, Fried Eye

Warm hands fried eye

Warm hands and a fried eye
There is no getting around,
The fact that we’re disposed to 
Clunking up and then down.

Warm hands and a fried eye 
Follow this, follow that. 
The instincts of the drowned world
Is to do and say something else.

Fried hands and a warm eye,
Looking through the glass .
Make mine a cuboid libre, 
The ice fits better that way.

Fried heart and a slow eye.
Look at this, look at that.
The pattern is finally forming;
So bring your compass and your maps. 


In the Future...

The FUTURE, right there. 

New Artwork/Travels etc

I’ve been enjoying the summer here in Italy. 
Some of the results of my drawing activities can be seen here…
Whaddya do

For the remainder of the summer I’m going to do at least one pic a day. 
I have been writing, drawing and relaxing in a superbly meditative environment.
As can be seen from the above, the weather has been a bit all over the place. A very unusual summer by Italian standards but perhaps it’s for the best… At least we’ll be well prepared for a return to the UK! 
Final Demand
What Does It Say About You2