Music, Spoken-Word and Short Film

Acting Work:

JMC Academy Short Film:

Artist, Writer, Soldier, Survivor

Work with filmmaker Darcy Prince: 



Unnoticed Him

Prose on Film

Poetry Over Film – Two

Work with filmmaker Jesse Ross :

Robotmonk – The Paper Boy Whose Mind and Paper Round Expanded

The Smallest Room

Poetry and Music

Echo Rescue is a pop/coldwave/synth collaboration between myself and Alberto Martinez based in Sydney, Australia.

Current musical and lyrical work with the electronic artist metascrawl is available via the label Kaiseki Digital. Our ep Awakenings is out now.

Temporal Fix was a collaborative project between myself and guitarist/producer Olaf Boqwist. You can hear us over at Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Three of our videos are on Youtube.


Over the years I have recorded various attempts at capturing some of the ‘music’ and poe-try in my head. I also try my hand at DJing every now and then. Evidence of this can be found mostly from following these links:


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