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Badmus no.1


#Inktober 4, 5 and 6

More inkings! Bit of an update here from the 8th, 10th and today (the 12th).



Do Not Cross

#Inktober no. 3

Day 3 on my half marathon of inkings…#inktober


Your Mind Your Village and Colour Me In…

When I take some time off from job applications and I’m not writing. . .  I draw … and  sometimes colour-in.

Your Mind Your Village

Walking round newsagents recently, I noticed those adult colouring-in books are everywhere.

Your Mind Your Village 2


Something like sun

Something Like Sun

Freedom exhibition gets underway at The Hive

Very proud to be a (small) part of this exciting venture! The Respace Projects team have done a fantastic job!


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The HIVE presents: FREEDOM 30 May – 13 June

The Hive

I have some art pieces displayed at The Hive on Kingsland Road from today until June 13.

It’s a great space and there is a whole host of incredible work of all kinds to discover. New work is being put up all the time so it’s quite the immersive and on-going experience.

Check out the facebook date here


Seen Unseen

Eye in the Sky

eye in the sky

iF anD wHen…

If and When