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Like an abandoned shopping trolley in the breeze

Like an abandoned shopping trolley in the breeze

He moves back and forth on the bench

Shuffling his notes around

Waiting to speak

The time doesn’t arrive

He moves back and forth on the bench



Folding arms
In wait of an unexpected unwant
Form and context
Leaves them in struggle
How to portray the thoughts
That appear unbidden
Without giving away
Every last detail of misgiving?

A dog barks somewhere
And a hand is raised
The game play changes
But the rules remain
Arms become outstretched


Working on ideas
New ambitions
New missions
New ways to clear out the cistern
Transform the system
Filter out the noise
From outside speakers
Bent double-time in scriptures
A pointless so-ill-oquy
That tarnishes the hi-fi
And chucks blue dirt in blind eyes
This journey needs a new compass
Because we need to see
North from South
Up from Down
Right from Left and Right from Wrong
All wrong and no mistaking
No more cries or bellyaching
Things cannot remain the same
Things cannot continue as they are


Putting the pieces together
And then taking them apart
Frustrated by symmetry
And a semblance of art
When all around is confusion
And chaos on demand
The schedule is nightmare
A sentence without remand

I’d like to change the picture
And bring it more in line
But as you know tracking’s touchy
And the bells don’t always chime
Whether we like it or not
This shit’s always on repeat
So don’t bother with the timer
It’ll be on again next week…

Snap or Chat

Snap or Chat
Chat or Snap
Face or Book
Book or Face
Worth a Look
Try to Talk
It’s not Compressed
It’s Worth a Look
Chat or Snap
Face or Book


In the shadow of Etna
We live, work, die and love
Threat and power loom over us
As a reminder of what could be

But possibility does not impede
Instead, it inspires
To take the time we have
And use it – here and now.

All change

All change

Went to sleep in 1995
Woke up in an ‘exciting urban development’
All change, all change

Bringing back the pieces
Time travel in your own lifetime
All change, all change

Focusing outwards
A script for now
All change, all change

Fleeting glimpse
Memory fail
All change, all change.

Putting Plans on Hold

Creature of Habit
Give me your name
I want to work out
If we’re one and the same

You keep getting up
And following your lines
Without stopping to think
What the sentence prescribes…

Carp Diem isn’t a kind of fish
And it’s not a dime a dozen or a standard dish
It’s an explicit wish
For motivation;
An ongoing creation.

10 Years

10 years ago I was looking for a flat.
10 years ago I stayed at home
10 years ago a process had begun
10 years ago the world came rushing in

Some days go slowly
Some decades go quick
10 years ago panic gatecrashed
I stayed at home, perfectly sick

In das Krankenhaus


Time warp in a wire trap

Double image and stilted second tongues

Ich habe vergessen the number of times

I have tried to decide

Just how to prioritise

Fundamental methods of life


In das Krankenhaus

I try to recall without success

The meaning of health

And then a breath of pfeffer

And it is back in sight



The sun shines outside

And I want to play