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King of Devil’s Island – Out Now on DVD


My review of the painfully grim yet rewarding based on a real story King of Devil’s Island is over at Flickering Myth now… 

Michael Haneke’s Amour – Out in UK Cinemas November 16


ImageThe following review can be found in the latest issue of Clash Magazine… 

Released in cinemas 16 November 2012

A tender exploration of a loving marriage beset by dementia, illness and old age, Haneke’s Palme d’Or winning film is a genuinely moving and unflinching look at the human realities of life near its end.

Comfortably well-off ex-music teachers George (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) share a rich and fulfilled retirement, enjoying Parisian cultural life to its full. This all changes dramatically when Anne suffers a health scare intensified by a later fall, culminating in severe dementia. The strain on their relationship is a beautiful and heartbreaking story to watch.

The sober, almost vérité, Haneke style and upper middle class concerns are familiar from past films, but this piece is about an adversary that all must face. Amidst the routine of care and treatment, the impending doom of the final outcome is always lurking in the background. When it finally arrives the result is amongst the most emotional I have ever witnessed on a cinema screen.

Also starring Isabelle Huppert as the couple’s middle aged daughter, Amour manages to be delicate and devastating and will live on in the memory for long after the credits roll. An absolute masterpiece, Haneke seems to be doing the impossible by actually getting better and better…


El Alma de la Moscas (The Soul of Flies) Out Now on DVD



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Apartment 143 – out now on DVD

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Inbred – Out Now on DVD and Blu-ray

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Rosewood Lane – Out on DVD now…

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Dare You Enter Room 237??

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Catholic gilt metal badge
Talking to the Duchess
Honoured by her Maj
Soda stream smile and 70s pants
Try to remember like the elephants

Jim’ll do this and Jim’ll do that
Jim’ll smoke the cigar
And run down the track
Charity events and sickly kids
A 20th Century race, just hit the skids…

Your letters were only the start of it
And there will never be an end to it
Jimmel’s fix was a terrible thing
And the truth will out and the budgies will sing
Of course – we all knew he was a wrong ‘un…how could we not?

Hell is a City – Out Now On DVD

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Some Guy Who Kills People – In Cinemas Now and Released on DVD and Blu-ray 15 November

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