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Starfish review

I really liked this movie. It’s a bit of an indie affair with some art-rock weird stuff on the soundtrack, plus a kind of tripped out 1990’s late night TV vibe about it. Really strong central performance from Virginia Gardner, too.

My review is over at Flickering Myth. Have a read, go seek it out.


Shingle Bells

Well it’s definitely not Xmas…
But how about some Shingle Bells…
A reactivation of childhood illness,
A waking up of what used to be known.
How many other viruses lay dormant
Dutifully waiting for just the right time?
I like to think I think outside myself
But give the body an itch
And it’ll take a mile…
Shingle Bells, Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
And when it hatches
The world will change
And become a different place
Repeat… forever and a bit.