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Free From Feeling

Another new video for a Temporal Fix track.
Free From Feeling is basically about me and my health and the desire – that most of us have at some point or other –  to just leave everything behind…

Anyway, it’s here:

New Temporal Fix tracks…

After nearly 2 years of travelling around and about, I’m back in the UK, but my work with Temporal Fix is all set to continue. Here are two new tracks. ‘Let’s Get Paranoid‘ and Free From Feeling‘.  Have a listen. Make of it what thou wilt…

The Owl of Venice

The Owl of Venice

Temporal Fix

Temporal Fix is here and alive. Follow us on Soundcloud and Bandcamp or  Facebook

The Decision…


Or strictly whatever
Better Together
Or out in the weather
United we stand
And divided we fall
But all the time
Within the lizards’ enthral.

 The real question hasn’t yet been asked:
Do we want a place ruled by alien Royals
A fragmented memory of the middle old ages
Allowed to go on for snap-happy tourists
And blue-blooded sick o phants
How about a deep fried holding pen 
Up along the lochs and the crags and the fens
Say yes to the people 
And no to the Monarchy.

Breaking News

Breaking News

Possible MS breakthrough?