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The Boy Who Never Turned Up

The Boy Who Never Turned Up 1-page-001

I wrote and drew ‘The Boy Who Never Turned Up’ last year.

It’s a short comic story exploring childhood imagination, school days and myth-making. It’s available to read on Issuu.


Tiny rip in the structure

A little light blinking out

In otherwise absolute darkness

They are here somewhere

Stirred to move

By this unexpected change




Echo Rescue – The Waiting Room EP

Pleased to announce that Echo Rescue have a new release out. ‘The Waiting Room’ EP is out now and can be found on Bandcamp.

Fans of synth music, experimental pop, ambient, 80’s sounds, and spoken word poetry might wanna check it out! Echo Rescue The Waiting Room

A to Be

Anything before came Devilish.

Everything forgotten; God has it.

Jingoist killings long Mankind’s never optimised purpose.

Quarantined rights sent through universal views.

Wishing Xanadu, your zoo.

Publication in LiteLitOne

I’m  pleased to hear that I have a poem published in issue 4 of the journal LiteLitOne.
‘Different Lingo’ appears alongside an excellent selection of poetry and fiction writing.

You can find Issue 4 of LiteLitOne here.

Unlocking the Safe

There’s treasure behind that iron door
But it’s locked tightly shut
Impossible to open
Without the right key
You can’t blow it up either
With a stick of dynamite
Or a wad of explosives
No, you’ve got to have the key

Lucky for me, I’ve found such a key
All I have to do is sit calmly
Clear my thoughts and breathe
Focusing on the cool air going in
And the warm air going out
As I do this, the door starts to unlock
The safe blurs, then disappears
And I see; the riches were here all along

A Utensil

A utensil for you



Or Spoon

A tool to help

Prepare and dine

Is it

Dinner time

Jigsaw Puzzle

Rows and columns

Trial and error

Loading up patterns

To make a picture

Of a time now passed

There are missing pieces


Echo Rescue – Timelines EP


We’ve been busy at Echo Rescue HQ. Our new EP ‘Timelines’ is now available to stream/download. Hope you dig it. Check it out over at Bandcamp.

Me at 20


I don’t have many pics of me when I was 20 years old, but if I did, they might look a bit like this.