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The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears


My review of nu-giallo mindbender is over at Flickering Myth

The Road is Always Open


Everyone’s pathway remains clear
Despite tripping from the past and the not so dear
There’s always a way out of every structured blip
A tried and tested factor of the existential flip
The road is always open

The road is always open
Despite elemental damage and non-obvious design
There is always a  flicker that acts as passage-sign
An allowance of journey that can regulate goals
An onward quest past inward and outward trolls of the soul

Leaving a place can be a strange feeling. I’ve certainly felt that in the last few weeks. We leave Berlin for Italy next week, and are just sorting the last few things out over here…
The road is indeed open.


Temporal Fix – Heart Attack

A track from the first EP from my new recording (and live) words/music/sounds project Temporal Fix. Heads in the clouds…

Temporal Fix – What Does It Say About You?

The first video from Temporal Fix is here…

Temporal Fix


The first EP from Temporal Fix went on-line this week. Consisting of sound and music from Olaf Boqwist and lyrics and vocals from myself, we’re exploring new avenues of poe-try and muesik…

You can listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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