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Home Freelancing in a new city

Freelance writing is not always an easy way to make a living. The availability of work, for one, is pretty unpredictable to say the least! It takes a long time to build up a good list of trustworthy clients and contacts. Getting them to pay can be another matter altogether. Sometimes you can work for twice as long for the same money as you would in a 9-5 office job. Oh well. The advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.
I’m self-employed. I don’t have to worry about colleagues, management or uncomfortable ‘water cooler chat’. When you add the fact that I am in a new city (Berlin) and have a less than great command of the local language, there is the danger of being somewhat isolated in my endeavours. The answer? It is all manageable! (and better than the office or the warehouse!)

Week 2 of Trial


An internal conflict that suffered a loss
An external balance that’s counting the cost
A tidal wav form of gratitude
And a rolling stumbling semblance of mood…

Week two of the Boswellia trial. I have had no obvious changes or setbacks in health. Concentration wise I am able work for slightly longer than I was. Feel pretty strong most of the time and sleeping patterns are becoming more relaxed. This may be an effect of the Boswellia or, as I suspect, the easing effect of knowing that I am on a course of treatment.  I still get tired in the afternoon for a bit but I have been avoiding napping. Too much to do. It’s a time for reflection… and activity!

(The above drawing was done in the grounds of the London Imperial War Museum in the distant summertime…)

SABA and Boswellia first week…

ImageSo, I started my clinical trial of Boswellia Serrata (frankincence) last week. It was an extra long day at the Charité , which left me feeling exhausted but confident in the ongoing handling of my condition. After 2 (count em! Er, 1, 2…) MRI scans, a motion capture research scheme and the usual tonnage of questionnaire forms and tests, I was off, big box of Boswellia capsules in hand.

After a week on the gradually increasing dosage of the treatment I feel fine. No major ups or downs. My sleeping patterns are still a bit disturbed and I still have some pretty bad stress related acne, but apart from that I have no real symptoms of anything too much. A week is probably too early to say in terms of memory/mental effects, but I certainly feel quite positive.

I’ll continue to write weekly updates throughout this trial.