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Java Heat


My review of the lacklustre Java Heat is over at Flickering Myth now…

The Wolverine – Out Now!

ImageMy take on The Wolverine … also appearing over at ExBerliner… Snickt!

Recipe for a sharp-clawed Wolverine story: 1) Make sure he’s upset. 2) Send him to Japan. The most resilient of all X-Men gets a flight out to the land of the rising sun in this franchise spin-off sequel.

The big-haired mutant – played for the sixth time by the bulked-up Hugh Jackman – has taken a battering in recent years, with his first solo outing four years ago (X-Men Origins) being well below par.Thankfully, the latest – loosely based on the definitive Chris Claremont/Frank Miller 1982 Marvel Comics mini-series – is a moody noir-ish piece which manages to capture the one-known-as-Logan’s internal rage and various personal existential crises.

 Probing into the now not-so indestructible Canadian’s bitter pain at losing his love Jean Grey – a ghostly Famke Janssen – the film benefits from a well-paced and mature narrative. Key to the movie is the angry Canuck’s portrayal of a rōnin – explained more than once as ‘a samurai without a master’. Once he is entrusted with protecting a business leader’s daughter from Yakuza gangs, dodgy politicians and a vicious foreigner known as Viper, the whole becomes similar to its lead: vigorous, lean and well-defined.

Unit One – Series 2 now out on DVD…


My review of series 2 of the Danish crime show Unit One (Rejseholdet) is over at Flickering Myth now… skål! 

Exit – Starring Mads Mikkelsen – Out Now


My review of tense Swedish big business crime film Exit is over at Flickering Myth now… go go go Mads!

Health Update


Just a quick update on my health and MS diagnosis…

Last Wednesday I spent the morning back at the Charité, being administered to further tests and another MRI scan on my brain in order to help further research into the condition. Along with the scan, I was assigned various mental and physical check ups – including a memory test (in German) – to assess my condition.

The results of the scan showed one (small) active lesion so it appears one or more have healed or cleared up. Perhaps, the summer and the sunshine has helped me out more that I realised! In any case, in order to be eligible for the Boswellia clinical trial I would need to exhibit two active lesions. I have agreed to undertake more MRI observation over the next few weeks.

It could well be that the outcome in my particular case will be to keep a monitor without any specific or active treatment, and to stay fit, healthy and positive, all of which I am happy to say I am!

Not exactly news, but more sun and Vitamin D is good for us!

Not exactly news, but more sun and Vitamin D is good for us!

Menzies Research Institute Tasmania investigate the effects that sun exposure and vitamin D may have on fatigue and the neuropsychological symptoms of MS…

Salt overload a factor in MS symptoms?

Salt overload a factor in MS symptoms?

Article in the Evening Standard looking at the research carried out by University College London Hospitals linking high sodium levels and nerve cell damage…

Prospects – Amateur boxing documentary reviewed …


My review of the no-nonsense tough-talking ‘Prospects’ – screening tonight at the East End Film Festival – is over at Flickering Myth now …