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We all get ’em.
And it could be so much worse.
Mustn’t grumble, cry out loud,
Or begin to start a curse.
There’s a line to draw,
And I’ll do it here and there –
The main predicament
Is finding a peg
To fit the square.
It’s a shifting colour
And a tangential wave.
The miscommunication,
Is only for the brave.
Amidst a call
To block the colour out
There’s a plea
Requesting for the shout,
That might get heard…

That might get heard
Here and everywhere,
A universal bargaining chip
With a sauce,
Of non-negotiable credit .
Eyes on the prize
Of mushy if’s and when’s,
The battered content,
Is half-unique until the end…

(Inspired by a crap visit to the hospital. Er, plus the news that Clip Art is gone)