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#Inktober 15 Hallo Ween

Yeah I know, It’s tomorrow…

Hallo Ween

#Inktober 14 There Here

Another one… ‘there here’

There Here

#Inktober continues

Here are my inkings number 11, 12 and 13…
This has been a great experiment so far and I’m going to continue to draw every couple of days or so whatever the month!


Get Changed Just Leaving

1992 – Italian TV series arrives on DVD

Review of 1992 – The Complete Season is over at Flickering Myth
also below…

1992 cover

Focusing its glossy and well-developed contextual gaze on the Italy of the early 90’s, 1992 is an intriguing mix of ideas and content. With a modern dramatic arc based around the intertwined dealings and developments of six characters, the series concentrates on both the personal and the political with a steely eyed vigour.

The show covers the tumultuous events taking place in Italy of 1992, with a combination of real life happenings blending in with the fictional. Nation-wide scandals, arrests and investigations into all sorts of criminal activity – with the mafia led murders of officials and judges that year taking centre stage – is the backdrop for the personal stories of the cast.

Much of the show’s success is in the detail. Sounds and visuals from the 90’s have been carefully inserted, allowing for a genuine look back at the time (in all its gore!). The notoriously lurid TV shows from the Berlusconi era of programming collude with pop and rock of the time to provide plenty of pointers.

The narrative itself occasionally gets slightly preoccupied with the trappings of trying to do too much at any given time, and at points the viewer is left wishing it could take its foot off the pedal a bit . That being said, the series is a valuable and exhilarating view of a crucial period in Italian history.

First aired in the UK on Sky Arts, this release from Arrow Films continues the label’s scope in delivering the best in European crime, mystery and noir shows. It joins other Italian series on the sub-label ‘Criminale Italia’ such as GomorrahRomanzo Criminale and Fog and Crimes.

1992 – The Complete Season is out now on DVD from Arrow Films

#inktober 8, 9 and 10

Every Sleep

Bird of Bay Unnamed

The three latest inkings from my half-marathon of #inktober here. Thanks, Rob

#inktober no 7 Fiscal Policy


#Inktober 4, 5 and 6

More inkings! Bit of an update here from the 8th, 10th and today (the 12th).



Do Not Cross

#Inktober no. 3

Day 3 on my half marathon of inkings…#inktober


#Inktober no 2 (for me at least)

Here’s another quick inking for the month of #inktober…

Desk View


#Inktober is a cool idea. I’m going to do the half marathon (or aiming to, anyway!) which is an inked picture every other day. Here is my first…

The Future