Inside/Outside – A short film

I started to think about the difference between inside and outside a lot this year. This (very) short film brings some of these thoughts out into the ‘open’.

Fondue 006 Audio Anthology

The latest audio anthology, or ‘virtual poetry night’, by Sydney based collective Fondue includes work inspired by the visual prompt of “Bi-head with White T-shirt”, a ceramic work by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.

My poem ‘Two Trees’, makes up a part of the anthology.


The feline’s eyes were sparkling green.

She looked at him with purpose.

She then turned to the door.

“Do you want to go out?”

“’Course I do,” she growled loudly.

He’d no idea she liked outside.

Roads Keep on Going

Roads Keep on Going

Looking at the Cats

I Am A Receptacle video

A new poem ‘I am a receptacle’ can be viewed on Instagram TV via the link below.

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Beneath the Wheel by Hermann Hesse

Beneath the Wheel by Hermann Hesse

Hesse’s ‘spiritual autobiography’ is both compelling and profound. Filled with beautiful passages documenting the romantic appeal of nature, the book is a studied view of humanity’s place in the world.

Exploring a young person’s (Hans Giebenrath, standing in for Hesse himself) journey through education, ambition, and their inability to fit into society’s rigid structures, the book offers an impassioned and melancholic account of adolescent life on the edges.

Signal Strength

If they move to a different

part of the flat

the signal strength


The download speeds

get better

and so does the


Talking gets easier.

It improves

when they move

away from the



I could make my case

I could float my vote

And hope it doesn’t sink

Or arrive too late in the post

And leave me with

Citizen adrift anxiety

2020 MS Virtual Art Show

Celebrating resilience through art is the message of the 2020 MS Virtual Art Show run by

I was pleased to contribute two illustrations to the exhibition, which runs online from 13 – 18 October. Lots of beautiful work exploring the idea of resilience.