As the rain continues to patter softly on the windows, the questions keep on coming.

What is this place so shabbily created?

And who is that there, looking over from the doorway?

I only know that I need not worry of the past.



Looking out to the sea from the tower on the headland, they felt a strange wind blowing. Birds fly past, future siren songs to a glorious beginning and a doomed conclusion, sun blinds the eyes. They want freedom. They want choice. They want what they already have. 


I’ve been thinking back to just over ten years ago.
I was in hospital following a major bout of illness.
My legs had stopped holding me up.
My eyes had double vision.
Numbness was in feet and hands.

I was put on a 2 month course of steroids to reboot the system.
It worked and I could gradually get back to a good level of health.

Nine years ago I became afflicted with optic neuritis.
My left eye went blind.
Following this NHS neurologists confirmed an MS diagnosis.

Since then, with the help of professionals and an awareness of my own health issues I’ve been largely free of major relapse.

All of which is to say, I trust in the effectiveness of medicine. That plus proper self-care has kept me moving.

Look after yourself. Look after each other. Keep health services freely accessible.

Dawn to desk

On this table top

This surface

This counter space

Memories turn and twist

Gathering thought

Gathering pace

I dreamed I was creating

I thought I might be writing

I felt I could be planning

When I found out I was listening

I sat back

And drank more tea

Robert W. Monk 2021


Following like flies to the shithouse

These citizens are up on their crap

Ready to distil the teachings

Of a wrong-un in a tin foil hat

These myrmidons follow their leaders

Like ants slowly walking the line

And when it all gets too much for feeling

They’ll put the whole thing online

They’ll put the whole thing online


Let me see
Beyond the structure
Across the walls
Over the platforms
Where content
Lies whispered in breeze
Amplified by follows
Click click cicadas
Alone and together

Let me hear
The words that
Need to be heard
That can rise
Above the false notes
The trap doors
In open passageways
Of our perception
The words of the eternal
The words of the one

Robert W. Monk


Stick to the

Game plan

Ahead lies

A new world

Twinkling in twilight

Winds change

Stars unfold

Robert W. Monk

Question marks

Visio Mag – Dreams

Pleased to see that I had a poem published in the latest issue of the ever-excellent Visio Mag.

The Dreams issue looks at our inner dream life. My poem ‘Old Dreams on Repeat’ features alongside images, poems, stories and reportage.

Sweet dreams.

Above and Beyond

I wrote the following five years ago in Feb 2016… on hearing about David Cameron’s call for a referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU. It was put to the vote that June… feels like a loooong time ago…


Above and Beyond 
Within and Without 
Crossing the Border 
No Shadow of Doubt

Do They Mean us
Or Do They Mean them
The spangled terms and pronouns
Need a referendum

To play the part
The steps are all-too-clear
Remove half-brain
Then jump, shout, cheer

Time changes
And so do the thoughts
A brush with power
Asleep in the courts