Dead Batteries

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane

Above – Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)

I was watching an old movie from the early 1960’s. A beautiful and horrifying film, sometimes painfully amusing, sometimes just plain sad.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is about many things, but chiefly a tortuous sibling relationship. It’s about broken dreams, the fragile mask of sanity, and the fall out of demented jealousy, depression, and alcohol abuse.

In one scene, the next door neighbour repeats the phrase ‘dead batteries’ to Bette Davis’ Baby Jane Hudson character, the focal force of much of the torment and abuse.

The phrase stuck with me.

A container of power capable of doing so much, of providing so much, then failing, no longer usable. There were no ecological rechargeable solutions for drained batteries in 1962. Small or large, receptacle batteries or car batteries, all lie at the edge of the road, beyond the picket fence, waiting to be carted off by the rubbish collection.

Final Poem ‘Blinded’

My submission to the call for final poems by  Enclave at Entropy Mag is up at the following link:

#finalpoem from Robert W. Monk

‘Blinded’ is a response to: “If the world were to end next week, what is the final poem you write, the final poem you give away generously, treacherously, genuinely, fearfully, necessarily, beautifully?”




a poem heard

a poem heard

The new experimental film a poem heard from  Knowledge Variable films featuring words and vocalisation from myself has been released.


Message from Someone

Hello. Hello.

I’m recording this in the hope that someone, somewhere will hear my message and understand how I got to this point.

It all happened happened so quick quick. Lies spreading and swooping as diving contagion. Infiltrating every aspect aspect of life and existence.

And before we knew it knew it the world as we had known it was gone. Gone.

I’m here here and the sun has burnt burnt a hole in the Earth Earth like a kid with a magnifying glass, blazing the wings wings off insects.

There was warning warning. There were signs signs. There were pleas (please) All ignored. Easier to brush away the reality. But the lies keep spreading spreading.

Now they’re with you and around you. With you and around you.

Find me here

Hello Hello

Attic Attack

The dust of ages lies spread about over diaries of another life, muddled exercise books and dog-eared photo albums. I feel a chill from the storm brewing up outside as I unpack memories while re-boxing keep-sakes. This place is loftier than my present mind, which stays at ground-level; content to create non-physical reminders of relative prosperity. I put away the tired broom and put on my coat.


Sand with a texture like wine

Spills within the glass.

Never escaping the confines of

Pretty distracting boundaries.

Passing tides mark seasons;

Engagements, things to be done.

In the glass, in the glass,

Bearing coarse fruit and reminders

Old Father Time

“Old Father Time is what they called him. I know… well, ‘cos he was a watchmaker and a clock mechanic and had lived and worked in his repair shop for nigh on thirty years. And he definitely looked the part, silvery grey hair falling wild all over his head. Sometimes he’d cover them up with a wide-brimmed hat. A tidily drawn beard had been etched onto his face for as long as anyone could remember. The overall impression he gave off was one of quiet authority and patient calm. Underneath that peaceful exterior however, not all was so tranquil…”

Messages from a Different Dimension

Turmoil and disruption;

A failure to deliver and define

What some still want.

But what that ‘thing’ is

Remains obscured by spin and smoke.

Switching on the set,

Blurry words come fuzzing out

Declaring in oh-so serieux tones

A state of unquantifiable emergency,

And there’s a No-Way-Out fire in these here states, boyo!

For the love of the people,

For the love of the land,

What is this perverted newsflash?

12 hours ago it made no sense.

12 hours from now just as confused.

Creative updates…

…Hallo Hallo…

I realise I’ve left this blog somewhat lonely for a time. Anyway without further ado (is it ever with further ado? Perhaps there are times when a further ado is precisely what is required…) here is an update of my various activities.

I have been writing more over the last year or so. More poetry/lyrics/songs etc. Some of this output has found its way into the lyrics and vocal recordings as part of my work with the electronic collaborations Echo Rescue and Points of Convergence. More material to come from both projects, including video work as soon as I work out how to use my iPhone properly…

Apart from that I am writing short stories.

I have also been trying my hand at some extra (extra as in background extra for film and TV, not just additional) work. As a way to earn a little extra cash and explore parts of Sydney I wouldn’t normally visit, being part of a ‘background’ cast is good fun. I have done a few small/student works to try out a bit of actual acting as well, and hope to do some more.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Back to work.







Starfish review

I really liked this movie. It’s a bit of an indie affair with some art-rock weird stuff on the soundtrack, plus a kind of tripped out 1990’s late night TV vibe about it. Really strong central performance from Virginia Gardner, too.

My review is over at Flickering Myth. Have a read, go seek it out.