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The Freedom to Dream

Image…The Volkspark Humboldthain…

In celebration of logic, design and cultivation
A fluctuating IQ before the birth of a nation
Ordered apple groves gave way to paranoia
As radio-waves broadcast dementia
Of puttering, spluttering forcing of arms
And embittered war-cries that flicker then die
The old men play bowls amidst graffiti
While we feed at the seat of the plenty
There’s still some room at the temple
For those that like to disassemble
The blood and confusion down the time-stream
We’ve now got the freedom to dream
Now we have the freedom to dream
We’ve still got the freedom to dream

Health Update… out with the Bos…



Above – the peaceful Urnenfriedhof Gerichtstrasse in Wedding, Berlin


Due to horrendous levels of acne on my face that appeared during Xmas and beyond I’ve decided to stop taking the Boswellia Serrata clinical trial medicine. This is a shame as it did seem to be having quite a few positive results. My short term memory and concentration levels have improved, as have my energy levels. However, my face was a mess. . .

Apparently, this pretty major side effect has been seen in other trial patients and the NeuroCure doctors agree with me that a different form of treatment should be looked at. The positive benefits are pretty pointless if I’m uncomfortable showing my pizzary visage around!

Anyway, after being off it for nearly 2 weeks it has cleared up considerably. So there’s little doubt that it was the treatment that was having this detrimental effect on the skin.

One drug that has just received EU-wide acceptance is known as Tecfidera. (Although not on the UK NHS as yet…) This is an oral treatment again (so no needles!) and has shown a pretty successful rate of minimising relapses and lesion growth. The drug has been used for nearly a hundred years in Germany for psoriasis treatment so perhaps it can also help my skin out! The general plan at the moment is to wait for another 4 weeks to be sure that the Bos is out of the system and then hopefully try the Tecfidera…

Whatever happens I’m very positive and – teenage face aside –  have had no symptoms of anything else worthy of note.

The Filmmuseum in Berlin…

The Filmmuseum in Berlin…

The amazing film and TV museum in Berlin…

The Bridge S1 and S2


My review of series 1 and 2 of the Danish/Swedish series The Bridge (Bron/Broen) is over at Flickering Myth and appears below…
Offering up countless whodunits and whydunits straight to the audience, The Bridge is amongst the best of the recent influx of Nordic (or any kind) crime dramas. Simply put, the writing is superlative, gradually edging its way into our thoughts and ideas. Starting each episode with the view of the Øresund Bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmo, the intricately constructed show brings the perfect combination of high powered ideas and shock tactics to keep everyone guessing.

All of the cast are terrific, although the two leads are undoubtedly the main focus. The alternately hard working and gradually angst ridden Danish cop Martin and the emotionally detached Saga are brilliantly portrayed. Even in the most extreme of circumstances – of which there are many – they are both sympathetic characters who the audience continues to invest time and emotion in.

Without giving away any spoilers (of which, again, there are many) it is safe to say that the two main characters undergo a fantastic degree of transformation during the show. The borderline Asperger’s syndrome Saga even manages to start decorating her flat a little differently towards the end of the second series! Far from being a moot point, it is evidence that this show is all about the details.

Adding to the list of great Scandinavian TV to go along with The KillingWallander and BorgenThe Bridge is yet another example of the superb creativity going on in the Nordic countries in drama, TV and film. Strongly recommended to all fans of mystery suspense and carefully put together plotlines,The Bridge is a must see.