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I.D. Remastered DVD and Blu-ray Released 14th May

My review of hooligan classic I.D. is over at Memorable TV… go Shadwell!

The Cabin in the Woods – Out Now

(NO Spoiler Alert!)

I wasn’t too sure I was going to like this Joss Whedon written (dir. Drew Goddard) scarer when I first heard about it. I deliberately didn’t read too much about it , just figuring out the basics – obnoxious, good looking teens getting into trouble in said Evil Dead style cabin in said woods.

Anyway, the good news is that it is a fantastic meta comedy-horror which keeps the audience on its gnarled tip-toes. The first half particularly is organised confusion; with everything moving extremely quickly. Like a pumped up ghost train, the film does not let up and fills its lean 95mins with more than enough scares, laughs and nervous chuckles to justify its bonkers existence.

Puts one firmly in the mood for Whedon’s Avengers Assemble – out 26 April…

The Adopted out on DVD now

My review of Mélanie Laurent’s (Inglorious Basterds, Rivals) turgid ‘The Adopted’ is over at Memorable TV. Have a look, if only so you can say you were given fair warning!

It’s out now on DVD should you be feeling particularly masochistic…