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Oh cod. Another list…Top Films of 2013

Well it’s that list time of year again. So why the bejeebus not? Here are my top 10 movies of the year.

10 – The Wolverine – James Mangold

9 – Oz The Great and the Powerful – Sam Raimi

8 – Elysium – Neill Blomkamp

7 – Alan Partridge Alpha Papa – Declan Lowney

6- The Conjuring – James Wan

5 – Behind the Candelabra – Steven Soderbergh

4 – Only God Forgives – Nicolas Winding Refn

3 – Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron

2 – A Field in England – Ben Wheatley

1 – Il Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) – Paolo Sorrentino

Bye, bye 2013!


It has been something of a mixed year for me. I think the best description would be ‘challenging’. As with most things, I’ll put it in poe-try form:

2013, or The Long Flight To and From

Memories zip in and out of time:
Looking through a waiting room’s door,
Words I do not understand,
Scanning for activity
Quick trip to a different land,
Plans and schemes
Playing songs from the memes
To friends of the future
And allies of now.

Always looking

For warmth and rest

The shadows on the wall

Promise something of the best

Time is an illusion, sunshine

We lived this before

And we will do so again

For now, the flight continues:

An open ticket to…

X-Mass and Health update


X-Mass in the UK

X-Mass in the UK
Another time for you
And another time for me
A tumble-down side wheel
Of oblivious cast
This rusting on the bumper
Has been set to last

Another sense of alteration
Freezing inside
The jumbling up of memory
And mixing logic dry
A welcome look above the store
We all ask for the same
But refrain from doing something more…

X-Mass this year was a curious mix of the old and the new. The feeling that I am in something of a changeable state is not exactly a recent one for me, but nevertheless it was one that spoke loudly to me during this period.
I saw some very good friends and family and returned to Berlin on Boxing the Box day.
Health-wise all is good, and I feel positive about the future and my personal well-being going forward. Bring on 2014!

Misanthropia #3


Picked up my copy of Misanthropia no.3 over Xmas. It includes loads of interesting work and a few bits from me. It’s available for £1 (ONE!) from the Misanthropop shop now.


Is this the scariest advert ever?

Is this the scariest advert ever?

J-horror takes to the advertising world with this tyre commercial. ‘Not recommended for the faint of heart…’

Split in Finity


We three Kings of Orient are
Two in the gutter, one in the bar
Flowing freely, given to drink
Audible from afar

Status Report
Happy to report that no ill effects or signs of relapse have shown up recently. In fact, concentration levels are up. I still feel a bit of fatigue every now and then, but it’s perfectly manageable. This is the 2nd month I’ve been on the Boswellia trial and so far it seems to have had a slight improvement on general health. It is difficult to make specific judgements about these very slight changes, however.

In any case, I feel far more creative than I have done in the recent past so there will be more creative writing and illustration from me in the coming months…

Only God Forgives Review

ImageMy review of Only God Forgives (out now on DVD/Bluray) is over at Flickering Myth now. I recommend…