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Tecfidera etc …New Meds. New direction.


So…this week I started on a new treatment for MS. Known as Tecfidera, the Biogen produced caplets of dimethyl fumarate have recently been approved in the US, EU, Australia and Canada. Anyway, it has shown good success rates in reducing relapses and inflammations. So, to cut a short story shorter, I’m pleased to be on it.

In other news…we’ve also recently given in our notice here in Berlin and we are off to Italia in July…


The Other Side of Home

The Other Side of Home

My friend the film-maker Jesse Ross is looking for financial backing for his latest short film, The Other Side of Home. Find out more about the project here.

Some of my work with him can be seen on my links page and here:

Robotmonk – The Paper Boy Whose Mind and Paper Round Expanded

The Smallest Room

Greenland Eyes Website Now Open For Business!

Greenland Eyes image

The online platform for everything Greenland Eyes 2014 related is now fully operational and ready to bring the best film content by and about this magical land to the world at large!

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival 2014

Very pleased to be working for the Greenland Eyes Film Festival. Here’s an introduction…

And keep an eye on this space!