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George and War Horse

George and War Horse



Slowly Becoming the Same

Slowly Becoming the Same

London Underground Film Festival 2012 (Full Programme)

London Underground Film Festival 2012 (Full Programme)

The Hunt – out in UK cinemas 30 November …

My review of Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘The Hunt’ is over at Flickering Myth now. Disturbing and thought provoking, it’s a reminder of just how good he (and Mads Mikkelsen) is…

Margin Call – Out on DVD now

My review of the Kevin Spacey starring global financial crisis dram Margin Call is over at Flickering Myth now…

The London Underground Film Festival – Opening Night


Step into the underground of film at the opening night party of what almost nobody is calling a journey into the Stygian waters of cinema, sound and performance…

As ever, it is an eclectic mix… see below:

Advanced, discounted tickets are available for 5GBP + booking fee from or you can get tickets at the door for 8GBP.

London based electronic outfit Nói Kabát draw on inspiration from constructivism, futurism, 70’s science fiction, and noise theory to create a sound reminiscent of the early industrial pioneers. They combine noise from their environment with the sounds of esoteric electronic drums and analogue keyboards in an attempt to create an authentic yet newly reconfigured sound.
Pulp novelist, theorist of plagiarism, and former magus and sole member of the Neoist Alliance: the author of Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie (2010), Blow Job (1997), and Red London (1994), Stewart Home will be reading at us.
The performance artist Stav B, who has performed at Behind Bars, Kaos, Brave Exhibtions, Act Art, the Hayward Gallery, and her own pop up cocktail bar, Stav B’s Liquor Bar, will be performing.

Wave, Body, Beat, Acid and beyond, with DJs from East London’s XENOGLOSSY.


DJs from label that brought us TEAM PISS and NURVUSS will be playing the mutant hip hop / drown-tempo.


The Opening Night Party will also be the launch of an exhibition of new works by Justyna Burzynska. A mixed media display of post-humour cyber folk. Unknown memes, neurotic graphics, visual poems and old fashioned illustration.


Men Behaving Badly 20th Anniversary Box-Set

This review also appears at Memorable TV


Ah, the 90′s. A strange, confusing era of change for many – not least for the followers of ‘lad culture’, typically viewed through the soft-porn coloured spectacles of Loaded and FHM magazines. It was a time of flux – culturally and politically, with many unsure of their roles and how to go about making their mark in a confusing climate.

Not that any of this would have held much sway with Gary (Martin Clunes) and Tony (Neil Morrissey), the stars of the hugely successful comedy series Men Behaving Badly, which ran from 1992 to 1998.

Bringing together all six series of the dysfunctional males sit-com plus the four specials and the Comic Relief sketches, comes this collection of the popular show.

Sharply scripted by series creator Simon Nye with pacey direction from Martin Dennis, in many ways the show captured the 90′s zeitgeist for a generation. Occasionally written off as an overly macho piece, the series had far more wit than that, with Caroline Quentin’s Dorothy easily the equal of her male counterparts. With excellent support from Leslie Ash as the upstairs neighbour – and object of Tony’s lager addled affections – Men Behaving Badly was in its time one of the best comedies on British TV.

Also featuring Harry Enfield as Gary’s original flatmate Dermot in series one, the show took until around the third series to get fully into its stride, but from then on it was curry flecked hilarity all the way…

Packed full of extras (including a quiz where the reward is a selection out-takes from the show) this is about as definitive a box as even the most hardcore fan could wish for…