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Squirm DVD Review


Sorry for the spoiler, but this is the best bit from Squirm, courtesy of Rick Baker.

My review of 70’s creature feature Squirm appears over at Flickering Myth and below…

Squirm, a 70’s ‘revenge of nature’ flick, is as its straight to the point title implies, not a film to be taken overly seriously. More than anything else it is a bloody good laugh. Although there are a few social and political side swipes, this is a creature feature for the Saturday Night B-Movie crowd.

Concerning just what happens to a consignment of worms after the worst storm in years sends electricity pylons crashing to the ground; Squirm clearly sets its sights on classic animal menace suspense thrillers such as The Birds. In reality, it’s more Frogs than The Birds. Certainly no Hitchcock, then, but more a decidedly flawed charmer.

The human story away from the turbo charged wormers, isn’t much to write home about. Aside from the almost impenetrable Southern accents and dodgy small-town gender politics, the film is all about the wrigglers.

Most of the cast put in surprisingly reasonable performances when needed, with Scardino’s educated city boy particularly good as he comes to the realisation that all is not well in the town. This is true of both the worm attacks and the corrupt and imbecilic local law enforcement, which chooses to ignore what happens directly under its nose.

Special mention must go to the make-up wizard Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in LondonMen in Black etc) whose inspired technical handling of the most terrifying worm mauling is the film’s definitive high point. Alternately sickening and transfixing, the man knows how to handle the true horrific face of worm mis-management…

Essentially, Liebermann displays a fine talent for getting the most out of a fairly lean idea. It’s all tongue in cheek – or worm in cheek – come to that, and it’s not going to change anyone’s life… But hey, it’s a film about electro-powered worms – what’s not to like?