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Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith – DVD and BluRay out now

My review of the excellent Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith is over at Flickering Myth now… also below…

Minute Bodies

A meditative and blissfully soothing piece of art cinema, Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F Percy Smith is a 55 minute tribute to the work of the pioneering microbiologist, inventor, artist and filmmaker. Released on dual format DVD and Blu-ray by the BFI, the release is essentially a Staples’s creatively selected montage of Smith’s defined and elegant films of flora and fauna. Making use of previously untested techniques of time-lapse, animation and micro-photographic elements, Smith was part artist and part scientist, constantly looking for new ways to describe the secrets of nature.

With the true commitment of a hobbyist (Smith initially developed his film techniques  part-time while working as a clerk), Smith found brilliant methods of showcasing the world just beyond our senses. The film, sharing that clarity and vision, beautifully brings about the energy and passion of his work. Graceful images of insects dancing and flying about alien seeming landscapes are wonderfully sound-tracked by the composers, and help to create a powerfully relaxing effect. This alien-ness is intensified by the fact that there are no human voices at all in the film and no narrative to bring context to what the audience is witnessing. Simply put, it is life. And as alien and dreamlike as it all is, there is always the knowledge that all of this is around us all off the time. Mesmerising stuff.

Special Features 

Eight short films from the Secrets of Nature series, made by both F. Percy Smith and his fellow filmmaker Mary Field.

Find more information on Minute Bodies at www.minutebodies.com

Statins possible effect on the advanced stages of MS

Statins possible effect on the advanced stages of MS

Gravitational waves and Möbius strips


Gravitational waves and Möbius strips
I just caught a drift of the drip of the Styx
A cracked Krakon talks on and on
And as I had presumed it might be for long…

With a Multi-verse theory and a cheque book and a pen
You can write to yourself the function to spend
An automatic pop-up cloud is just starting-up
Give it room to breath or it may just combust…

So… echoes of the big bang, eh? A certain amount of Synchronicity (or Synchronicity-lite, perhaps?)  has been echoing around the flat of my head-space this week.

While reading the introduction to Paul Davies’s The Goldilocks Enigma (a popular cosmology and physics book from 2006) mention is made of the author’s collaborator and fellow scientist Andrei Linde. Linde has appeared widely in news articles about the discovery of these ‘echoes’ in the last few days, possibly proving his inflation theory. Davies also outlines on the first page of his intro a very brief synopsis of a novel he had been reading where Nazi Germany defeats Britain during World War II. He doesn’t mention the novel in question, but it sounds as though it has definite similarities to The Man in the High Castle by Philip K.Dick, one of my favourite science-fiction novels of all time and one recently revisited a few weeks ago.  Anyway, it got me thinking…

It’s strange enough for me  to be reading about science anyway, being as I am technically a double E GCSE science student. But there’s always time to learn new things, right?

In other news of a more personal universe, my health is pretty good and I’ve experienced no major adverse effects from coming off the old Boswellia Serrata… nothing like hearing a loud explosion giving birth to a flawed universe anyway…