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Awakenings by metascrawl ft. Robert W. Monk

A new release by metascrawl featuring my words and vocals set with ambient/chiptune sounds is out now on Kaiseki Digital.




Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith – DVD and BluRay out now

My review of the excellent Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith is over at Flickering Myth now… also below…

Minute Bodies

A meditative and blissfully soothing piece of art cinema, Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F Percy Smith is a 55 minute tribute to the work of the pioneering microbiologist, inventor, artist and filmmaker. Released on dual format DVD and Blu-ray by the BFI, the release is essentially a Staples’s creatively selected montage of Smith’s defined and elegant films of flora and fauna. Making use of previously untested techniques of time-lapse, animation and micro-photographic elements, Smith was part artist and part scientist, constantly looking for new ways to describe the secrets of nature.

With the true commitment of a hobbyist (Smith initially developed his film techniques  part-time while working as a clerk), Smith found brilliant methods of showcasing the world just beyond our senses. The film, sharing that clarity and vision, beautifully brings about the energy and passion of his work. Graceful images of insects dancing and flying about alien seeming landscapes are wonderfully sound-tracked by the composers, and help to create a powerfully relaxing effect. This alien-ness is intensified by the fact that there are no human voices at all in the film and no narrative to bring context to what the audience is witnessing. Simply put, it is life. And as alien and dreamlike as it all is, there is always the knowledge that all of this is around us all off the time. Mesmerising stuff.

Special Features 

Eight short films from the Secrets of Nature series, made by both F. Percy Smith and his fellow filmmaker Mary Field.

Find more information on Minute Bodies at www.minutebodies.com

Temporal Fix – now available for free downloads…


Temporal Fix Logo2

News from the ether:

All of our tracks are now perfectly free to download… give us a listen, download and share, share, share away…

A journey through poe-try and experimental pop awaits…

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Free From Feeling

Another new video for a Temporal Fix track.
Free From Feeling is basically about me and my health and the desire – that most of us have at some point or other –  to just leave everything behind…

Anyway, it’s here:

New Temporal Fix tracks…

After nearly 2 years of travelling around and about, I’m back in the UK, but my work with Temporal Fix is all set to continue. Here are two new tracks. ‘Let’s Get Paranoid‘ and Free From Feeling‘.  Have a listen. Make of it what thou wilt…

Temporal Fix – Heart Attack

A track from the first EP from my new recording (and live) words/music/sounds project Temporal Fix. Heads in the clouds…

Temporal Fix


The first EP from Temporal Fix went on-line this week. Consisting of sound and music from Olaf Boqwist and lyrics and vocals from myself, we’re exploring new avenues of poe-try and muesik…

You can listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Or follow our activities on Facebook

World MS Day… update and all that jazz…


So, apparently today is World MS Day

Not sure why today was chosen but hey, any way to increase knowledge about the condition I happen to have been diagnosed with is something I suppose…

In my own personal terms, I’ve been on the old Tecfidera for over a month now and no real problems. Feeling positive about moving cross Europa (er, by plane) to Italia in a month or so. Also been busy on a musical project which will see the light of day very soon…so hold onto your headpiece…


RobotMonk DJ Set @ Dreams of Neon, 23/03/2013

dreams of neon

I had a great night on Saturday DJing a chip tune and SID inspired DJ set at the Dreams of Neon electronic disko night here in Berlin.. it was the first time I had played since last summer and it was a great laugh! You can hear my set with full track listing over on my Mixcloud page here

Know The Score – This Must Be The Place


KNOW THE SCORE – This Must Be The Place

Due to appear in a forthcoming issue of Clash Magazine, this is a brief look at the soundtrack from This Must Be The Place

Paolo Sorrentino’s unique tale of a goth-rocker avenging his father’s Nazi era torment is beautifully complemented by a soundtrack dreamt up by Will Oldham and David Byrne. Performing as the amusingly named – and totally untrue – The Pieces of Shit, the duo (along with vocalist Michael Brunnick) contributes some of the film’s most dream-like songs. Also featuring Nino Bruno’s sublime Every Day is a Weary Wait from and classics from Iggy Pop (The Passenger) and Byrne himself, the score is a perfect accompaniment to one of this year’s most haunting releases.