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In Praise of Daydreaming

I am waiting for a delivery of an item of technology that will make life easier. It will adapt our home’s existing telephone output and update it into something more suitable for a modem connection, thus allowing access to the Internet, or the World Wide Web as it was once known. The telephone output adapter will be packaged in various plastic materials that will not decompose for at least thirty thousand years, and possibly never.

Right now I am in that enviable position of being in the present – the Here and Now – and not needing to do much other than simply wait. As I am – I think – a sentient creature, I ruminate and write at the same time.

Much has been made recently of the psychological practise mindfulness and how it can help keep thoughts focused and mental energy more efficient. While I believe it is helpful to not dwell on thoughts, be they positive or negative, some proponents of the technique claim that for a mind to be functioning at its optimum it needs to be in the Here and Now and not daydreaming or wandering. I feel this does a disservice to mental strolls along imaginary pathways and lanes. I think the mind is capable of being both in the present and also able to let things free-up and lose itself down different routes.

In short, I’m a big fan of daydreaming.

I believe daydreaming reveals the different aspects of the mind and personality to the I, without the codified stern warnings and rebukes of the ego. It lets forces of the imagination out into the internal world, with the option of creative interpretations finding a space in the external world. Dreams and nightmares make us what we are. Keeping hold of a route to discover and rediscover the forces beyond and behind the everyday, as well as the universal themes and designs of what we call reality can only be a good thing in my opinion.

Now back to the wait… and the daydreaming.

My Body, My Mind

Is there a party going on upstairs?
Because, I can’t sleep and the reason might be there
It’s a low drone and a bass-line repeat
Combined with anxious crawl and stifling heat

It’s a ragtime
Of dubious fun
A rough and roll festival
With phasers set to stun

The drum-roll won’t quit
And I’m soaking up the quilt
With growing resentment
And disquiet to the hilt

…But just wait

And pause for


On closer inspect, the culprit’s my pulse
And rhythmic heart beat
As an example of being out of touch
It takes the biscuit, the burger and the Caramel Crunch
I must be unaware of where I am in the world
But the need to reassess stands out unfurled

I am in this head
And in this frame
Time to accept
Without self-blame

My body, my mind

My Body My Mind