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The Boy Who Never Turned Up

The Boy Who Never Turned Up 1-page-001

I wrote and drew ‘The Boy Who Never Turned Up’ last year.

It’s a short comic story exploring childhood imagination, school days and myth-making. It’s available to read on Issuu.

Me at 20


I don’t have many pics of me when I was 20 years old, but if I did, they might look a bit like this.

#Inktober 15 Hallo Ween

Yeah I know, It’s tomorrow…

Hallo Ween

#Inktober 14 There Here

Another one… ‘there here’

There Here

#Inktober continues

Here are my inkings number 11, 12 and 13…
This has been a great experiment so far and I’m going to continue to draw every couple of days or so whatever the month!


Get Changed Just Leaving

#inktober 8, 9 and 10

Every Sleep

Bird of Bay Unnamed

The three latest inkings from my half-marathon of #inktober here. Thanks, Rob

#inktober no 7 Fiscal Policy


A Shot in the Dark…

A Shot in the Dark

Temporal Fix – What Does It Say About You?

The first video from Temporal Fix is here…

Technicolor resolution


Up, up and around the quagmire

We can see what lies beyond

Come and be gone from what went on before

It is not yet time to retire

Technicolor from here on in
The beauty of a sharp pen
We can caress the future memories
And leave behind gin and chagrin…