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Echo Rescue – Timelines EP


We’ve been busy at Echo Rescue HQ. Our new EP ‘Timelines’ is now available to stream/download. Hope you dig it. Check it out over at Bandcamp.

New Points of Convergence EP

The Present Climate

A new EP from Points of Convergence has just been released.

Featuring my vocals and words alongside the music of the synth production of Metascrawl, the 5 track EP ‘The Present Climate’ is a dreamy lo-fi synth/spoken-word look at the internal and external world we’re living in today.

Have a listen and download for whatever you feel here https://pointsofconvergence.bandcamp.com/album/the-present-climate


Points of Convergence new EP

A new EP by Points of Convergence is out now on Bandcamp.

Points of Convergence

Featuring my spoken word vocals alongside Metascrawl’s music, a lot of thought and time went into the preparation. We’re very pleased with the result.

You can hear and download Points of Convergence at Bandcamp.

Points of Convergence

A new musical/poetry project Points of Convergence

Temporal Fix – Heart Attack

A track from the first EP from my new recording (and live) words/music/sounds project Temporal Fix. Heads in the clouds…

Temporal Fix – What Does It Say About You?

The first video from Temporal Fix is here…