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Introducing the Greenland Eyes Film Festival…

Introducing the Greenland Eyes Film Festival is over at Flickering Myth…

The Greenland Eyes Film Festival Begins…


The Greenland Eyes Film Festival is due to begin its travels at the end of the month!

Check out the link for a feast of Greenlandic filmic fare.

WW1 – 100 Years Later

The War to end them all started 100 years ago today
And as history has told it didn’t turn out that way
Power crazed blokes are still ordering the barely mature
To kill other ones and scrape through spiritual manure

Main difference now seems to be in the guise of civilian death
‘Accidental’ fuck ups and land grabs still leave families bereft
While nation states and economies still cling to the truth of ‘War begats money’,
We’re a hell of a long way off from milk and honey.



Good fortune favours the brave, or so ‘they’ say
But it seems pretty accidental to me…
The tragedies and travesties of far away,
Edge ever closer and then just slip and slip into the sea.  

How many times can we stand to be shocked 
Before a real evolution occurs?
How many rockets and bombs need to be dropped 
Before a working method can be spurred?

Between the unmoving history of opposing forces
And the salient fixtures of pride, race and God
And the million messages from a million different sources
There is a different road waiting to be trod. 

And between staring at the screen and writing shared notes
That condemn the present in regard to the upcoming news,
A certain kind of fortune is offered by chance.
A humility that can exist to bruise.