The Machine …


My review of The Machine is over on the weekly Clash movie page and also appears below… 

Covering the classic sci-fi question ‘what is human?’ in a hi-paced action adventure, The Machine is a thoughtful piece of speculative fiction. Looking at a point in the future where warfare is conducted by servile self-aware Artificial Intelligence, the film brings a haunting sense of possible reality to its well worked plot. Denis Lawson – Wedge from Star Wars fact fans – is entertaining enough as nasty military boss bad guy number 1, Thomson. However, the film truly belongs to the relationship between science whizz Toby Stephens and computer geek turned ass-kicking android Caity Lotz.

Making use of some technically bright visual effects alongside acerbic themes reminiscent of Blade Runner, the dark human versus android story plays with perceptions of a machine’s abilities to make our lives easier. Sometimes they just make them more confusing in an emotional and combative sense…

The swift and sure footed narrative manages to bring a part love story, part future conflict tale to rich fruition. The second feature from witer/director Caradog W James carves out a neat nightmare future with all the telltale dystopian light and shadows playing tricks with perceptions in the background. A respectable addition to the British sci-fi scene…

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