MS Update – Keeping on track


Talking to myself in the 3D spectre
No time to pass the buck to the blistered Mister
There’s a slight on the sight of the stock machine
Copied… pasted… remains unseen.

A beneficial lesson learned by way of scripture
Take away the ethics and paint me a picture
What does it say about you?
When you’re on the run and awaiting different views.

I had my first MRI scan of the new year this morning. The technicians pointed out a new lesion right after we were finished. Only one, and as they tell me, it may take another month before the Boswellia pills start taking a shrinking effect on the lesion activity. One thing is for sure – the early mornings don’t really get any easier! As I write this I feel pretty tired but positive about how it’s all going. One month at a time…

We’ve also taken the (pretty extreme!) step of having a dry (no alcohol) January. This might well have something to do with energy levels and concentration levels improving…but, who knows!

Apart from that I’m staying busy with writing (both for cash and er, not for cash) and drawing. I’m also very excited by a musical project that will soon see the light of day. Based around the soundscapes of my musical genius collaborator and my words and vocals, the first EP will be around in the ether pretty soon!

Peace out/Ciao/Tschüssie!

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