X-Mass and Health update


X-Mass in the UK

X-Mass in the UK
Another time for you
And another time for me
A tumble-down side wheel
Of oblivious cast
This rusting on the bumper
Has been set to last

Another sense of alteration
Freezing inside
The jumbling up of memory
And mixing logic dry
A welcome look above the store
We all ask for the same
But refrain from doing something more…

X-Mass this year was a curious mix of the old and the new. The feeling that I am in something of a changeable state is not exactly a recent one for me, but nevertheless it was one that spoke loudly to me during this period.
I saw some very good friends and family and returned to Berlin on Boxing the Box day.
Health-wise all is good, and I feel positive about the future and my personal well-being going forward. Bring on 2014!

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