MS Update – Early Morning Scan Business


The ongoing investigation into discovering just what makes my personal MS thing tick took another step forward this morning.

At the (not so) bright and early time of 7.00 I had another MRI scan in the austere quarters of the Kaiserin-Friedrich Haus, just next to the Charité . Rather like getting a brain scan done in a museum or an art gallery (apparently there is a casino in there too!), it had a vaguely relaxing affect on me – or perhaps that was just the lack of sleep…

Anyway as ever, the MRI itself was the usual industrial/ambient crossover; a buzz of beeps, whirs and machine-made glottal stops, strangely inspiring. Obviously, some artists agree, including this group who created this piece back in 2010.

After the show was over, the NeuroCure assistant showed me the picture of my dear old brain. She pointed out two new active lesions, which qualify me for the Boswellia  trial/treatment.

Obviously this is something of a mixed bag – but it is the nature of relapsing/remitting MS that the myelin lesions clear and then are not active, and then new ones form. Anyway, the main thing is that the immediate future of my personal treatment is clear and is in the best possible hands. Staying positive/learning more!

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