Health Update


Just a quick update on my health and MS diagnosis…

Last Wednesday I spent the morning back at the Charité, being administered to further tests and another MRI scan on my brain in order to help further research into the condition. Along with the scan, I was assigned various mental and physical check ups – including a memory test (in German) – to assess my condition.

The results of the scan showed one (small) active lesion so it appears one or more have healed or cleared up. Perhaps, the summer and the sunshine has helped me out more that I realised! In any case, in order to be eligible for the Boswellia clinical trial I would need to exhibit two active lesions. I have agreed to undertake more MRI observation over the next few weeks.

It could well be that the outcome in my particular case will be to keep a monitor without any specific or active treatment, and to stay fit, healthy and positive, all of which I am happy to say I am!

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