The Road Ahead – MS Treatment Options


I finally had a second consultation with my neurologist in Berlin yesterday. I say *finally* because the various toing and froing with the health insurance providers took rather a long time (about 2 and a half months) to sort out. Anyway, it has been done now and we were able to sit down and discuss the route ahead for me in regards to my MS.

Ever since the diagnosis was given to me back in October 2012 (in the UK) it has been in the back of my mind that injectable drugs may be required in my treatment schedule. This almost certainly would have been the case if was being treated in the UK. I was not very comfortable with the idea of a daily or weekly injecting schedule – although of course I would have subscribed to it if my symptoms were getting noticeably worse. Thankfully, they have not significantly (despite the looong Berlin winter, now over!). My gait is still a bit uneven and right hand and right foot are slightly numb in the early morning, but this has not changed in over a year.

Linked to my unease of injections is that the percentage of MS patients who do not complete injectable treatment is substantial; the constant reminders of one’s condition, combined with the discomfort and skin markings of injections is of course, not the most attractive of possibilities.

This is why I decided with the neurologist that the best option for me would be to take part in a clinical trial of a new oral drug awaiting patent based on a chemical compound found in (the old Testament favourite and exotic incense) the Frankincense resin of the Boswellia tree.

Following 2 nights in hospital in May, having scans and a spinal tap (not hanging out with the band, unfortunately), I’ll start on this course and see how it goes…

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