The Protectors – Complete Season One – Out Now


I wonder… do the Danes and Swedes ever tire of creating such great TV? Not sure, but hopefully not! Review below…

New from the reliably high quality Nordic Noir label is this box-set of the never before seen in the UK Danish TV crime series The Protectors (or Livvagterne, in Danish).

Following on from the international success of The Killing, Borgen, Wallander and The Bridge, this is yet another high quality addition to the Nordic away team. With so many well produced drama series making their way across the Scandanavian waters, it looks unlikely that fans will have any reason to tire of them any time soon. It also means that distributers will be unearthing less well known programmes and bringing them into a whole new light.

This was clearly the case with The Protectors, one of the acclaimed Danish dramas that have not been previously aired on BBC Four, unlike the shows mentioned above. It has however been shown in Australia with SBS, to great success.

Created by Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe, the pair who were also responsible for the compelling Unit One, the series displays a similarly gripping and tightly scripted narrative. Fixing on personalities and character strengths and flaws rather than purely just whodunits and whydunits, the programme is in line with a maturity that informs and entertains but never patronises its audience.

Concentrating on the work of the P.E.T., the Danish national police force in charge of protecting high profile figures and VIP’s, the series follows three new recruits to the operation in a series of explosive storylines. Taking in issues of gender, race and various political intrigues, the ten hour-long episode series is hard-hitting in every sense, but remains well balanced between realistic police work and electrifying emotional action displays.

The three new recruits Jasmina (Cecilie Stenspil), Jonas (André Babikian) and Rasmus (Søren Vejby) effectively hold the drama and push the show forward in some very new directions. Stenspil’s performance in particular as Jasmina, a mixed race female agent of the team, pushes the narrative forward in a series of memorable ways.

Recommended to all fans of the seemingly unstoppable Nordic Noir tidal wave, this is another show to get your hooks into…

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