Comics books into movies – more lists…


Comic book characters basically run the cinema these days. Well, them and emo flavoured legends and fables (Jack the Giant Slayer, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel etc…) Where once it was Howard the Duck and Captain America in wildly mocked 80’s movies, it’s now The Avengers and the X-Men bigging it up at the multiplexes. Fair enough. Not sure if it is a fad or what, but part of me hopes that there will be a ridiculous Secret Wars II style movie series with every character ever featured in it. But mostly Beyonder. He/She/It was fantastik.

Anyway, after some discussion about the phenomenon with other film writers on Flickering Myth, here is my list of the top 10 movie adaptations of comic books/graphic novels…

Batman Begins

Batman (89)

Superman (78)

A History of Violence

The Dark Knight

V for Vendetta

The Avengers


Kick Ass

Spider Man (2002)


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