MS and me…


So…a bit of a different blog post from my usual film or poetry related posts. I’m getting a bit personal. (Well, that’s what blogging is all about isn’t it? eg I’ve made a rather nice pie or I’ve been all around the world or I’ve been to a rather good party or I’ve created sound loops of animals surprising people and then making weird noises…)

As it is MS Awareness Week, I’ve decided to take the step of making the first mention of MS on here. Also, I couldn’t really be bothered in setting up another blog. So it’s here, and that’s it.

So how did it start with me and what does it do?

Well… Following a year of being in a kind of limbo as regards to my recent health problems, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in October 2012.

In order for it to be confirmed, most MS neurologists usually need to see evidence of more than one ‘attack’. This happened last Summer  with a case of optic neuritis. My left eye was semi-blind for around 48 hours and then came back gradually.

The year prior to that I had been kept in hospital to receive steroid treatment for inflammation of the brain. Linked to this was lack of balance, poor vision, coordination and lack of sensation in feet and fingers.

Since then I’ve moved to Berlin with my (very supportive) partner and have had no further attacks. However, slight changes have been noticeable, mostly in regards to my short-term memory (never good)  becoming even worse. Thankfully physically I have been holding up so far. Even in the fairly full-on Berlin winter!

I am hopefully about to begin ongoing treatment from the neurologist here in Berlin. I will be reporting on here about how this is going. In the mean-time, I will just say that I am feeling extremely positive in general and that I feel able to cope with any demands that my condition (and life) puts onto me.

Much love,


(ok, back to the weird noises)

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