The Aggression Scale – Released on DVD and Blu-ray 3 September


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Described as Home Alone meets First Blood, The Aggression Scale is a taut and nervy thriller from writer Ben Powell (Satanic) and genre director Stephen C.Miller. Featuring strong performances, well executed set pieces and a reunion for Twin Peaks alumni Dana Ashbrook and Ray Wise, this slick and well crafted movie doesn’t pull any punches as it blazes down a grim highway of thrills, spills and nastily booby-trapped jumps.


Dana Ashbrook (above)

Concerning itself with violent criminal Reg Bellevance’s (Wise) attempts to track down his horde of illicit cash, the film largely follows his motley crew of hit men (including Ashbrook) as they aim to hunt down and kill anyone involved in said money’s disappearance. It gets, as Bellevance instructs, “loud and messy”. After reaching the Rutledge’s remote new home, the gang of scary guys (most of who seem to be bald and wild eyed, The Hills Have Eyes style) quickly discover that at least one member of the family won’t go down without a fight…


Ray Wise (above)

From the 80’s style hot-pink title credits (reminiscent of Nicolas Winding Refn’s hugely influential Drive) to its explosive finale, The Aggression Scale fills its lean 82minute running time with a barrage of violent shocks and none-more-black humour. With an impressive showing from its young leads Ryan Hartwig and Fabianne Therese, the film is an intelligent and classy brutal sugar rush of a thriller.

The Aggression Scale is released on DVD and Blu-Ray 3rd September

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