Dark Mirror Out Now on DVD


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Seemingly buried since 2008, the psychological horror film Dark Mirror finally gets a proper release on DVD. Starring E.R.’s Lisa Vidal as photographer Debbie, the film follows a neat line linking haunting, possession and mental instability with light and dark camera action. Not nearly as scary as it should be, it nevertheless provides a couple of jumps and a reasonable amount of food for thought.

Independently produced and helmed by writer/director Pablo Proenza, Dark Mirror at times suffers from a somewhat confused and convoluted script, but this seems apt as the central character herself spends much of the film in an advanced state of delirium! Taken for what it is, a light horror story with some imaginative touches, Dark Mirror has more than enough to warrant 82 minutes of your time.

Solid performances from Vidal and David Chisum as Debbie’s career driven hubby Jim plus an effective ambiguity help Dark Mirror to shine ever so darkly…


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